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Dining experience at Sambora Kinigi Lodge

Our Culinary Journey

Local Delights with International Flair When it comes to exceptional dining experiences, Sambora Kinigi stands as a shining example of a culinary haven that seamlessly marries the richness of local ingredients with the artistry of international culinary techniques. Nestled in

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Trekking Key Tips

Are Gorillas Dangerous? The King Kong Myth…

Gorillas – Separating Fact from Fiction Gorillas have always been portrayed as dangerous animals, but is this reputation justified? In this blog post, we will explore the truth about gorilla behavior and their potential for danger. We’ll also delve into

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Our delightful tastefully decorated cottages

My Journey with Sambora – Unforgettable Adventure

A Customer Testimonial of Sambora Kinigi Lodge – Reviewed on Trip Advisor This is a wonderful little place just outside of Kinigi. There are only 4 individual lodges on this property, located in a wonderful, large garden, with beautiful mountain

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Nestled at the base of five volcanos reaching up to the heavens, surrounded by luscious tropical flora and fauna.